Speed Limit To Be Cut In Response To Fatal Accident

In a move that will hopefully save lives in the future, the Department of Transportation and Logan Township have agreed to lower the speed limit on a dangerous mile-long stretch of Center Square Road from 45mph to 40mph. The change comes after a fatal New Jersey Auto accident claimed the life of a local teenager earlier this year.

The affected section of the road which runs between Township Line Road and Heron Drive passes through Logan, Woolwich and Swedesboro. Now that county freeholders have agreed to lower the limit, new signs should go up in a few days. Logan Township also recently approved an expenditure of $3,000 to improve lighting along the sidewalk near the roadway.

The move follows the tragic death of a 13 year old teenager who was struck in a fatal truck accident while crossing Center Square Road on January 3rd. Her parents attended a recent freeholder meeting and begged for a change. At that time, Gloucester County ordered a traffic study, which determined there was no evidence that excessive speed was a problem. The studies finding allowed the change to be made quickly.

“You need to show that the speed limit is being obeyed, then you can get it reduced,” said county Engineer Vince Voltaggio. “In this case, the speed limit was being followed.”

Moves like this are definitely steps in the right direction, but unfortunately, they come too late to help the young girl who was killed earlier this year. While the lower speed limit is no guarantee that accidents will not occur, the damage done to ones person or auto in a car crash is obviously affected by the speed in which the vehicles in the accident are traveling.

One variable involved in all auto accidents that often gets overlooked is negligence. If there were a history of accidents on this stretch of road, isn’t the municipality responsible to insure the safety of pedestrians? What is the driving record of the other party involved in the accident? Was he impaired in any way? Was the vehicle in proper working condition? All of these questions need to be asked following a New Jersey Auto Accident.

If you have been in an accident caused by another driver’s negligence, you may be able to file a claim against them for property damage, personal damage (medical expenses, pain and suffering, future losses, etc), and, in certain cases, punitive damages. Visit our New Jersey car accident site for more New Jersey auto accident information or contact the experienced Auto Accident attorneys at Lependorf & Silverstein today for a free consultation.