Senate Committee to Discuss Reform to New Jersey Worker’s Compensation System

Senator Paul Sarlo (D-Bergen) announced yesterday that the Senate Labor Committee will convene on May 5th to discuss problems with New Jersey’s $1.8 Billion worker’s compensation system, according to a published report in the New Jersey Star Ledger.

It was a series of reports in The Star-Ledger that prompted the special hearings. Those reports showed how bureaucratic delays, politics and poor state oversight have left thousands of injured workers waiting years for the relief promised by the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation system. The Star-Ledger series also found thousands of workers whose compensation benefits were delayed for years while insurers or state attorneys wrangled over the terms of their settlements or authorized medical treatment.

“It’s appropriate to take a close look at the workers’ compensation system to see whether it can be made more efficient,” said Sarlo. “The recent media focus on the system gives us a chance to see if we can make it a better, fairer program so nobody falls through the cracks.”

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