Roseto Auto Accident Injures Three

Three Roseto residents were injured in a Blairstown Township auto accident after an unidentified driver swerved across a double yellow line and forced them off the road, according to an article in the Express Times. The unknown driver, reportedly traveling in a silver-colored vehicle, caused Linda Piperato to go off the road and strike a road sign and utility pole, the article states.

Piperato, her 36-year-old son Jerome and her 41-year-old daughter, Robyn, were all transported to local hospitals following the accident. They all suffered injuries, but the report does not say how serious those injuries were. Anyone with information about this auto accident and subsequent injury is asked to call Officer Nicholas Falcicehio at 908-362-7499.

Officials are obviously looking for the driver in the silver car who caused this unfortunate new jersey car accident. Eyewitness reports are absolutely important in these accident cases where there have been injuries and damages caused. The first thing an auto accident victim must do after a crash is to seek immediate medical attention. Even minor or moderate injuries, which don’t appear serious, must be looked at and treated right away so that the situation doesn’t get worse.

It’s always a good idea to retain the services of a new jersey personal injury attorney when you get in an auto accident because the aftermath of an accident is overwhelming. There is a lot of paperwork involved, dealing with insurance companies – including yours and the other drivers. If the other driver does not have insurance or is not adequately covered then your “uninsured” or “underinsured” motorist coverage will kick in.

In any accident it is also very important to determine who was responsible for the crash and what caused the accident. That will essentially determine who must be held liable or financially responsible for the damages, injuries and loss caused by the auto accident. It takes an experienced personal injury attorney to conduct a detailed and thorough investigation so those responsible can be held accountable.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an new jersey auto accident and have suffered injuries or loss as a result of someone else’s negligence and/or error, please call Lependorf & Silverstein to discuss your case.