Boy Suffers Severe Head Injuries In Williams Township Auto Accident

A 5-year-old boy suffered serious injuries after an auto accident in Williams Township when a minivan in which he and others were riding collided with a Chevrolet truck, according to this news report . According to Pennsylvania State Police, the driver of the minivan, 29-year-old Rodolfo Arambulo, pulled out of the Interstate Market parking lot on Industrial Drive and into the truck’s path.

Gabriel Arambulo, 5, suffered head injuries while other passengers, 34-year-old Amy Arambulo, and 1-year-old Damian Arambulo were not injured. Another 4-year-old boy, Julian Arambulo, reportedly suffered pain from a seatbelt. The driver of the Chevy truck, 27-year-old Robert C, Herbst, was not injured, but his truck was severely damaged. Charges against Rodolfo Arambulo are pending.

It is not clear whether alcohol or drugs were involved in this crash. It seems Mr. Arambulo may have completely missed the truck and pulled out of the parking lot. New Jersey car accidents can be tough on victims. It takes an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney to deal with issues such as insurance and get you the fair compensation you rightfully deserve.

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