Family of Nanny Who Died In Syosset Swimming Pool Accident Has Questions

The family of a nanny who gave her life saving a 3-year-old boy from drowning in a Syosset swimming pool accident is questioning the circumstances of her death. According to a news report posted on Eyewitness News’ Web site, the nanny, Anna Montana, jumped in the pool when the toddler fell in although she did not know how to swim. The nanny died while the boy survived.

When police and emergency personnel arrived at the home, the boy’s mother was with her son inside the home while Montana was lying facedown in the water. Paramedics were able to resuscitate the boy, but not the nanny. Montana’s family is now wondering why no one attended to her or tried to help her. Montana’s relatives believe that this tragedy could have been averted and that she was put in a dangerous position because of her inability to swim.

If the family’s suspicions turn out to be true, then they may have the legal grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Montana’s employer. The term “wrongful death” refers to an area of law covering any person’s preventable death due to an accident, negligence, malpractice, faulty product or any other avoidable reason.

Surviving family members could recover damages that would pay for medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering. If someone you love died in New Jersey and you believe it was the fault of another individual, government agency or company, call the New Jersey child injury attorneys at Lependorf & Silverstein immediately for a free consultation.