Overloaded Dump Truck Loses Control, Kills One and Injures Six

An out-of-control dump truck, which officials say, may have been overloaded with dirt smashed into a Chinatown bus as it came off the Manhattan Bridge. One person was killed and six were injured in the fatal truck accident . According to an article in the New York Daily News, the dump truck started to careen wildly before it hit the back of a Fung Wah bus near the intersection of Bowery and Canal streets, killing 57-year-old Lai Ho and injuring several others.

Investigators are now looking into whether the truck had been loaded with dirt beyond its capacity. News agencies also reported that the truck should never have been in the city because federal officials had banned the New Jersey-based truck company from interstate travel because of too many safety violations.

Police say the truck driver was not under the influence and lost control of the truck because the brakes failed. Some of the most common causes of fatal truck accidents and major New Jersey injury truck accidents include mechanical failure because of improper maintenance of the big rig. In this case, overloading the truck could have also contributed to the accident.

Fallo and his employer could be held liable for the accident, injuries suffered and the fatality if it is determined that the truck was not properly maintained and was in fact overloaded. Victims of truck accidents in New Jersey may receive compensation to pay for medical bills, loss of wages as well as pain and suffering. If you or a loved one has been injured in a New Jersey truck accident, call Lependorf & Silverstein for a complimentary consultation.