Trenton Auto vs. Bicycle Accident Kills Man

Martin Robinson, 45, was killed in a fatal car accident in Trenton when he was hit by a car at the street intersection of East State and South Cook Avenue. A recent article in The Trenton Times said the auto collision happened just past midnight as Robinson was riding his bicycle near South Cook Avenue.

Robinson was on the sidewalk heading west on East State Street, according to the police. 39-year-old Katrina L. Fayson who was also driving west on East State Street hit Robinson as he turned into the path of the car at the South Cook intersection. Robinson suffered a serious head injury and died shortly after at Fuld hospital.

The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety reports that in 2006 two percent of motor vehicle-related deaths were bicyclists and one-third of bicyclist deaths occurred at intersections. Also, the most serious injuries among a majority of those killed are to the head and ninety-five percent of bicyclists killed weren’t wearing helmets.

The article says this accident is still being investigated. We don’t know yet exactly what caused this collision. Any number of causes can contribute to a street intersection crash. It is possible the intersection was inherently dangerous, and perhaps the lights were not functioning correctly. The driver of the car may have been speeding or even distracted.
An established auto accident reconstruction expert is needed in this situation to sift through the evidence and explain how this accident happened.

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