Willingboro Man Cited In New Jersey Motorcycle Fatality

A motorcycle versus car accident in Willingboro, a town in Burlington County, killed Alvin Townsend, 28, according to this recent report.

Nineteen-year-old Noah Pierre, a Willingboro resident was driving his car the evening of Aug. 9 near Levitt Parkway when he hit the motorcycle being driven by Townsend. Police said Townsend was seriously injured in the collision and later died at the Cooper Trauma Center in Camden. Pierre has been summoned for failing to stop and yield at a stop sign, said the article.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), fatalities involving motorcycles are disproportionately higher representing five percent of all highway fatalities each year. Yet motorcycles account for only two percent of all registered vehicles in the United States. Also, statistics show that more motorcycle accidents occur in the year during the summer months of April to September and also accidents increase in the Friday-Sunday period.

Though the article states the accident is still being investigated, it appears Pierre failed to stop his car and hit the motorcycle, which had the right of way. Pierre owed a responsibility to other road users and to obey traffic laws. The Townsend family has suffered a tragic blow in an accident that should have never happened and Townsend’s dependants deserve a rightful compensation for their loss. Please contact our experienced New Jersey motorcycle accident attorneys at Lependorf and Silverstein to see how to best fight your case.