Steelworker Injured in Morrisville Construction Accident

Francis Longo, 47, of Mercerville, N.J., a construction worker, fell off the Trenton-Morrisville Toll Bridge in Morrisville, suffering injuries. According to this news report, Longo fell on the northbound lanes of Route 1 and landed on the construction platform about 6 feet below, officials said. Longo, who was a steelworker at the bridge site, fell as he was pouring concrete.

Longo was transported to an area hospital where he was treated for his New Jersey construction accident injuries, which are not said to be life-threatening. Longo reportedly suffered bruises and cuts to his hand. He was employed by Conti Construction of South Plainfield, N.J. Longo is indeed fortunate that he did not suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries during his fall.

Every year thousands of construction workers are killed or seriously injured while working at construction sites. These accidents continue to occur despite state and federal regulations as well as existing industrial standards, which require company owners, general contractors and sub-contractors to implement a wide range of safety measures.

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