Man Killed In New Jersey Truck Accident

A 32-year-old man from Nazareth, Pennsylvania, was killed in a fatal New Jersey workplace accident in Totowa after his dump truck rear-ended a car, which was traveling behind a slow-moving lawn tractor owned by the New Jersey Department of Transportation, police officials said. According to this news report, Robert Berger was driving west on the highway when his dump truck went up a hill and rear-ended a Grand Marquis whose driver, 88-year-old Edward Muldoon, had braked to avoid hitting the tractor.

Berger was killed in the crash. Muldoon suffered a back injury and the driver of the tractor, 47-year-old Ronald Kichko, was taken to the hospital with eye and head injuries, the report said.

Investigators will likely look into why the lawn tractor was traveling so slowly down a hill where motorists behind would have no indication of the slow-moving vehicle. If the driver of the tractor is held responsible for causing this fatal crash, both he and his employer – in this case, the New Jersey Department of Transportation – could be held liable for the accident, injuries and fatality.

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