New Jersey Turnpike Auto Accident Kills One and Injures Three

One person died and two suffered critical injuries in a November 29, 2008 auto accident in Cherry Hill after a car made an illegal U-turn on the New Jersey Turnpike and was struck by another vehicle. According to this news report, the fatal accident occurred when one car traveling southbound made the illegal turn and was hit by a vehicle traveling north on the Turnpike. The two people who were seriously injured were taken to an area hospital while a third person in said to have suffered minor injuries.

This is indeed a tragic crash, which apparently occurred because one of the drivers did not follow the rules of the road. There is no question that the person who made the illegal U-turn on the Turnpike committed a serious traffic violation. The other vehicle obviously did not expect the driver to make a turn at that location. In this case, it is clear that the driver who made the U-turn should be held responsible for the fatal injuries as well as the injuries suffered by the others in this New Jersey car crash.

In any auto accident, the driver who is responsible for causing the accident is held accountable for the damages caused including death, injury and property damage. Usually, victims are compensated by the at fault driver’s insurance company. If that driver does not have auto insurance or sufficient insurance to cover the damages, then the victims may be able to receive compensation from their own auto insurance policy’s “uninsured” or “underinsured” motorist coverage. The victims and their families would be well-served to immediately contact an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer who will advise them of their rights and legal options.