Woodcliff Lake Pedestrian Accident Results in Injuries

A driver, who was trying to park his car at a Woodcliff Lake supermarket lost control of his car on November 28, 2008 and ran over Nancy Helfrich, a 64-year-old woman, the Bergen County Record reports. Solly Tetefsky, 73, reportedly pulled into a parking spot in front of the A & P store when her foot “got stuck” on the accelerator.

Tetefsky’s car went over a pedestrian sidewalk and over a small flower bed, crossed a main driveway of the store and struck Helfrich. Tetefsky was not injured in this auto vs. pedestrian accident, but Helfrich was taken to the hospital with leg injuries. Tetefsky has not been cited or arrested pending a police investigation.

A lot of questions remain to be answered in this auto accident in Woodcliff Lake. It is not known whether Tetefsky suffered a medical condition. This incident also throws the spotlight on an important and often-ignored issue of senior drivers. This is one of the reasons why senior drivers must be carefully monitored and be required to stop driving if they have medical issues or if their health deteriorates. Senior drivers, who cannot see or react properly, are not only a danger to themselves but also to other motorists and pedestrians.

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