Pit Bull Attack in Lincoln Park Leaves Jersey City Jogger Injured

A Jersey City woman was attacked and injured by an unleashed pit bull while jogging through Lincoln Park, according to this news report. The 50-year-old woman was apparently jogging when she saw a man walking two pit bulls. One was on a leash and the other one was not. The unleashed pit bull then lunged at the female jogger biting her legs and knocking her to the ground. When the woman tried to push the pit bulls away, the dog bit her hands nearly chewing off a finger, which had to be partially amputated later.

Police are still looking for the dog’s owner, who reportedly took his dogs and fled from the scene. According to the victim’s daughter, Mina Morgan, the dog owner did nothing to stop the dog or render aid to her mother. Another person, who found the bleeding, traumatized woman, called 911. The news report states that it will take the victim at least two or three months to recover from the muscle damage caused by the New Jersey dog bite. The victim is also having nightmares and has been emotionally traumatized by the dog attack, her family members say. The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this incident.

We certainly hope that the dog owner in this case is held responsible for his negligent behavior. He should have definitely stayed at the scene, restrained his dogs, called 911 and rendered assistance. The dog owner should also be made to pay for the injuries and emotional trauma the victim has, and will continue to suffer. The injured victim would be well-advised to contact an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer to find out how to protect her legal rights and secure the compensation she deserves.