Man Killed in Wall Township Van Rollover Accident

Frank Martinez, 21, died in a van rollover accident on the Garden State Parkway in Wall Township. According to this news report, Martinez’s Chevrolet van was on the southbound side of the roadway when for unknown reasons it veered off the side of the roadway, struck an embankments and rolled over. Officials say Martinez was ejected from the vehicle. He apparently died from fatal head and neck injuries.

Officials say Martinez may not have been wearing his seatbelt, but that they do not know for sure. Rollover accidents cause a majority of auto accident fatalities in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are approximately 40,000 fatal auto accidents in the country out of which about 10,000 are rollover crashes.

Some rollover accidents occur because of unstable vehicles that go out of control even at low speeds. Occupants of these vehicles can suffer serious injuries because of product defects such as seat belt or seatback failures. In cases where occupants are ejected from the vehicle, it is extremely important to find out whether it occurred because of a seatbelt failure. If that is the case then the auto manufacturer could be held liable for the injuries or death.

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