New Jersey Car Collision Injures Two

Two people were hospitalized with injuries in a Mahwah auto accident in New Jersey on Franklin Turnpike, according to this news report. The crash occurred the morning of March 3 when a Ford Crown Victoria traveling north on Franklin Turnpike collided with a Toyota Corolla making a left turn into a shopping center.

According to the most recent auto accident statistics available for New Jersey, there were 722 fatal car accidents in 2006 in New Jersey, including 31 deaths in Newark and nine in Jersey City. The number of auto accidents is constantly on the rise. Car accidents in New Jersey occur because of many reasons, but most often they occur because someone is being negligent by not following traffic laws. In this particular case, if both cars had seen the green light, then the Toyota Corolla should have yielded the right of way to the Crown Victoria before making that left turn. A lot of times, drivers either don’t pay attention or they judge inaccurately while making a left turn.

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