New Jersey Hit and Run Pedestrian Fatalities

Police are looking for witnesses in the cases of two young women who were killed while crossing major highways on foot in separate pedestrian accidents in New Jersey in the past week, according to a Princeton Packet report.

On May 4, Candace L. Puckett, 26, of Westampton, died of multiple blunt force injuries after being struck trying to cross the northbound lanes of Route 130 around 10:15 p.m., according to police.

In a similar incident several days earlier, Arlee M. Toto, 27, of Columbus, was struck and killed while walking south along Route 206 at 2:34 a.m., police said.

The families of these two wrongful death victims should immediately call an experienced New Jersey wrongful death attorney. To begin with, investigation must be done right away and the families should not just sit back and wait on the police to investigate.

There are certain ways to recover on a wrongful death action in New Jersey, including a recovery for the Estate, for the conscious pain and suffering that the decedent went through, and pecuniary harm that was caused to family members by the decedent’s death. An experienced New Jersey wrongful death attorney can make sure that the families rights are fully protected and that the recovery can be maximized.

There are certain procedural steps that also must be followed, including putting UM insurance on notice, potentially filing Notice of Tort Claim forms and completing forms at the County Surrogate’s Office.

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