New Jersey Mayor Convicted for Hit and Run Accident

The hit-and-run conviction of a former mayor of a northern New Jersey city was upheld by an appeals court recently for a 2003 snowmobile accident that left a local teen with severe leg injuries. According to this article, former Andover mayor David Mosner was sentenced to serve nine months in jail for hitting 17-year-old David MacInnis with his snowmobile on a rural road and leaving the scene of the accident.

During the trial, a jury found Mosner guilty of assault by auto and leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries. At the appeals trial, Mosner argued that he should have been allowed to enter a pretrial intervention program and avoid having to serve jail time. He also challenged the legality of a police search. However the appeals court upheld the decision of the earlier trial and Mosner will have to serve his nine-month jail sentence.

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