New Jersey Pedestrian Accident Kills Man

A recent report on WPVI Channel 6 says that the 69 year old man of Trenton died from his injuries after he was struck by a bus at the intersection of South Broad and Market Streets. The New Jersey pedestrian accident occurred around 11:15 on the morning of June 1, 2009, and law enforcement officials investigating the accident say that a Stout’s Bus was northbound on South Broad Street and making a left turn onto Market when the man was struck. After the bus hit him, the pedestrian was dragged under the bus and pinned underneath, and it reportedly took emergency response personnel almost two hours to remove the body from beneath the bus.

After emergency response personnel were able to recover the pedestrian’s body, he was pronounced dead at the scene.After the wrongful death accident in New Jersey, the driver of the bus was taken to Capital Health Systems at Fuld for routine blood tests to determine whether or not he was operating his vehicle under the influence of any intoxicants at the time of the pedestrian accident. Law enforcement officials investigating the accident said that they do not expect to file any criminal charges against the bus driver, but he will likely be charged with several motor vehicle offenses.

The Stout Bus Company, located in Ewing Township, owns the bus that was involved in the pedestrian accident and is under contract with Mercer County to transport employees and jurors in buses to and from the Sovereign Bank Arena and back to the Mercer County courthouse. At the time the pedestrian accident occurred, there were reportedly no passengers on board the bus. The bus has been impounded and is expected to undergo a thorough Mechanical Safety Inspection conducted by the New Jersey State Police Commercial Carrier Inspections Unit.

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