Railroad Worker Dies after Being Struck by Tractor Trailer

A 53-year-old railroad employee, who was repairing damage from an earlier accident in Middletown died after he was hit by a truck. According to this news report in the Bucks County Courier Times, the man was killed at Big Oak and Township Line roads when a tractor-trailer carrying Keebler cookie products struck him while making a sharp right turn. The worker was apparently crouched down to repair the wiring to the train crossing lights when the large truck made a right turn and struck him.

Local officials told the newspaper that this intersection has been the scene of many accidents. The worker was reportedly wearing all the proper safety clothing including his white helmet. There were also orange cones in the area to warn motorists about the work in progress. Authorities say the driver of the tractor trailer saw the worker, but had not realized that he had hit him. He stopped immediately. The worker died from massive chest and leg injuries.

If you are injured while on the job, you will be entitled to New Jersey workers compensation benefits. If a worker suffers fatal injuries, his family will be eligible to receive workers compensation benefits. However, these benefits are hardly enough to compensate a family for the loss of their primary wage earner.

It is important for the families of deceased workers to contact an experienced New Jersey wrongful death lawyer with a successful track record of handling workers compensation issues and third party claims. In some cases, a third party (other than an employer), can be held liable.

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