Asbury Park Cop Hospitalized after Being Struck by Car

An Asbury Park officer has been hospitalized for several days after sustaining serious injuries as a result of being hit by a car while on duty. The Officer suffered broken bones and has been listed in fair condition at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, according to a report.

The Pennsylvania driver involved in the car accident in New Jersey has been charged with offenses including assault by auto and driving under the influence. The 23 year old driver and his three passengers had been in Asbury Park to see a concert.

The injured Officer and another officer were at the scene of an accident at Memorial Drive and Springwood Avenue. A vehicle drove onto the accident scene and the Officer repeatedly tried to stop this vehicle but the car hit the officer. The car sustained extensive windshield and roof damage in the crash.

The hurt Officer and his family would be wise to contact a skilled New Jersey automobile accident attorney. There are multiple facets to his case. Most importantly, the officer has a worker’s compensation claim as well as a third party case.

Whenever a worker is hurt on the job, the injured employee should consider a worker’s compensation claim. Through worker’s compensation, an individual can be compensated for time missed from work, can have medical bills and expenses paid, and can be entitled to a permanency award. An experienced New Jersey worker’s compensation attorney can ensure that these rights are protected.

The Officer also has a claim against the driver and owner of the vehicle that struck him. This claim can compensate him for pain and suffering, future lost wages and expenses and any gap in his earning capacity versus what he was compensated for by way of worker’s compensation.

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