A Jersey City police officer and his canine partner survived after a New York City dump truck plowed into them at the intersection Of Marin Boulevard and 12th Street early on the morning of July 4th.

Police officer Eric C. Petersen, 34, was taken by ambulance to the Jersey City Medical Center with neck and back pains shortly after the sanitation truck slammed into his marked police SUV. Petersen was heading north on Marin Blvd. when the driver of the dump truck ran a red light and crashed into him. Rommel, the 7 year old police dog, was taken to NYC Veterinary Specialists Emergency Animal Hospital, for observation.

Luckily, Rommel the dog appears to be doing fine. Unfortunately, Mr. Petersen may not have held up quite as well. Budgell was issued a summons for failure to observe a signal and careless driving and he admitted the NJ truck accident was his fault, police said.

At this point, it would be quite wise for Officer Petersen to consult with an experienced New Jersey auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. There are several issues that must be explored right away.

To begin with, Officer Petersen has a worker’s compensation case. In New Jersey, if you are injured during the course of your employment, you have the right to three benefits: 1. You get your medical bills paid by your employer. 2. You are paid a portion of your salary while you are out of work. 3. You are entitled to a final permanent disability award. An experienced New Jersey worker’s compensation attorney can assure that these benefits are received and that the numbers are fair. It is not necessary to pay a worker’s compensation attorney as they are compensated by the employer through the case.

Officer Petersen has a third party claim against the owner and driver of the dump truck. In this case, since the owner was the City of New York, there are statutory notice requirements that must be followed. If Officer Petersen does not see an experienced New Jersey auto accident lawyer who knows how to file the time sensitive notices, he may forever lose his opportunity to pursue a claim.

Most auto accidents are more complex than they originally appear. If you have been involved in a New Jersey automobile accident, please call an experienced New Jersey auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. At Lependorf and Silverstein we are always happy to speak to you about your potential claim. Please call us today.