New Jersey On-the-job Accident Injures Three Workers

Three workers suffered on-the-job injuries in New Jersey in Hackensack when the aluminum ladder they were adjusting contacted a power line outside a building. According to an Associated Press news report, a chiropractor who was driving by stopped to help one of the workers whose heart had stopped. The worker resumed breathing after the chiropractor gave him chest compressions for about 90 seconds. All three workers are in stable condition although they suffered burns to their hands and feet.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 5.7 million injuries and illnesses reported in private industry workplaces during the year 2000. These on-the-job injuries can be minor or major, ranging from accidents involving burns, falls and electrocution. Many of these incidents can also be fatal.

Injured New Jersey workers are usually covered by worker’s compensation insurance, which the state’s business are required to carry under New Jersey law. New Jersey worker’s compensation ensures that employees who are injured on the job are given the necessary care and money they need to maintain their lifestyles without fear of financial failure in case of a serious on-the-job injury.

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