New Jersey Pedestrian vs. Motorcycle Accident Kills Elderly Man and Driver

A recent article from described a New Jersey pedestrian accident which claimed the life of an elderly Trenton man. Officials with the Trenton Police Department say that the 86-year-old man died from injuries he suffered when he was struck by a motorcycle driven by a 49-year-old man of Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. According to law enforcement officials investigating the New Jersey pedestrian accident, the incident occurred around 7:15 on the evening of May 9, 2009. Officials from the Trenton Police Department say that the motorcyclist was riding his motorcycle down an undisclosed Trenton street when he struck the pedestrian with his motorcycle.

After striking the pedestrian with his motorcycle, Trenton Police report that the driver then crashed into a telephone pole at a high rate of speed and died from injuries he suffered in the collision. Emergency response personnel responding to the auto accident in New Jersey claim that the elderly man died instantly at the accident scene from the grave injuries he received from being struck by the motorcycle. After striking the telephone pole, the motorcyclist was reportedly thrown from his motorcycle an undisclosed distance and later transported to the Capital Health System at Fuld Hospital in Trenton for treatment for his injuries. He was admitted with injuries described as ‘critical’ and died from his injuries approximately three hours after being admitted for treatment.

The investigation into the tragic accident was still underway when the article was published, but Trenton police say that the motorcyclist had just left a nearby bar shortly before the pedestrian accident occurred. They suspect that alcohol may have been a factor in the fatal accident but are withholding making a formal statement pending the results of blood tests.

Dozens of people are killed in New Jersey pedestrian accidents each year and many more suffer injuries that require extended hospital stays, costly prescription medication, and grueling physical rehabilitation regimens to restore function. As everyone knows, health care in the United States is quite expensive and the single largest cause for people declaring bankruptcy in this country is medical bills that quickly climb into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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