New Jersey Government Looks at Worker Injuries

The state of New Jersey’s Department of Health and Senior Services Department has unveiled a program, now a year in operation, to monitor what’s going on with worker injury and fatality. The Occupational Health and Surveillance Program is designed to get the word out to the relevant agencies and analysts about various types of workplace injuries in the state.

Here’s how it works according to the New Jersey Health Department’s detailed website. The program collects data on injuries directly from the hospitals by accessing demographics from hospital staff with proper release procedures. Then analysts identify where the main problems seem to be coming from, and work with local employers to create safety solutions that will effectively bring down the number of on the job injuries in New Jersey.

The program also conducts educational initiatives and gives information to the press and to public awareness agencies. In addition, the surveillance program produces news resources to keep the public eye on what is a critical problem, not just in New Jersey, but everywhere-the proliferation of volatile materials and possible illnesses in the workplace.

Some of the conditions that the OHSP has identified as priorities include silicosis, exposure to heavy metals, and “workplace asthma.” Workplace asthma is a condition brought on by exposure to some compounds in a workplace, and professionals are trying to determine exactly what substances are leading to asthma in a large population.

The Occupational Health Surveillance Program is a product of the New Jersey Occupational Health Service that holds as its mission the goal “to promote the health, safety and well-being of working people in New Jersey.” The OHS strives to combat workplace illness, injury and fatality as an aid to those who spend their days carrying out all of the labor that is so vital to both the state and the federal economy.

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