Worker Killed On the Job After Falling into Vat of Chocolate

The Associated Press in Camden reported that a July 8 on the job accident in New Jersey in a prominent chocolate-making facility led to the death of a worker knocked into a mixing vat by a blade used to separate products for making a variety of confectionary items.

According to reports, several co-workers attempted to put an immediate stop to the machinery, but were ultimately unsuccessful at saving the 29-year-old victim. The reports further stated that this individual was a temporary worker at the facility.

This story, which was picked up by sources like the New Jersey Herald Online, illustrates the complexities of unfortunate situations like these where safety equipment fails to minimize risk or provide solutions for an accident in a food production setting where “economy of scale” mixing and processing machinery introduces specific risks to an industrial area. The risks presented by this kind of equipment are common in many industrialized settings, including both farms and raw production facilities and processing plants. The pressure to move large amounts of products sometimes leads to a lack of focus on safety equipment and training where tragic results can occur.

Situations like these are sometimes further complicated by the outsourcing regularly done by large food production companies, and by the role of temporary or “unhired” workers in a plant or facility. The emergence of different tiers of worker status in a plant or industrial facility can mean that unraveling the specific responsibilities of the parent company, the subsidiary and the outside hiring firm can be complicated and require professional assistance by attorneys or others skilled in fact-finding.

In any situation, including an injury or fatality of a traditionally hired worker or a “guest worker,” the facility must find the immediate responsibility. NJ worker’s compensation lawyers often assist the family of a victim to make sure accidents like these results in a swift and proper evaluation of the facility. This includes checking safety standards that are, or are not, in place and the responsibility for training by a company or its outside contractors.

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