Put Down That Phone: NJ Drivers Continue to Text Behind the Wheel

According to a report from multiple New Jersey news resources, including NJ.com, studies show that a startling number of drivers like to text on the way to their destinations, which creates more potential for New Jersey car collisions.

A report released by Fairleigh-Dickinson University shows that texting while driving is up by 40% in the state of New Jersey, with an estimated one in five drivers admitting a history of sending text phone messages while en route in a vehicle.

Apparently, government strategies such as fines for driving cell phone users are having less than the desired impact. Add to that the emergence of driving while texting, which shows an ever more insidious encroachment of new technology into our personal safety. The public used to be worried about drivers just talking on phones, even with Bluetooth or other wireless hands-free headsets studies showed that just diverting mental attention to a conversation could have an adverse effect on a driver’s response times.

Texting while driving goes several steps beyond this concern. The driver has to hold the phone in range of view while simultaneously viewing the road, all while manipulating the small cell phone keyboard!

Is driving while texting a victimless crime? Those impacted by its effects don’t think so. All kinds of potential accidents can result from an inattentive driver, and with the minimum state auto liability rates not even high enough to cover basic auto damage, many of these cases are ending up in NJ courts.

What happens when a texting driver causes an auto accident in New Jersey? Whether it’s a collision with another car, or a brush with a biker or pedestrian, there’s often a personal injury lawyer involved. New Jersey personal injury attorneys work with victims to get claims compensated or arrange for a settlement on the outcome of any kind of accident, whether large or small. These professionals routinely have to deal with insurers, drivers and others in complex reimbursement situations.

Too often, those affected by a driving and texting situation, or other inattentive driver accidents, have too much to handle on their own. Just the research on court processes can be extensive, and the burden of proof rests on the victim or any other potential eyewitnesses.

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