Two New Jersey Police Officers Injured in Two-Car Collision

Two Jersey City police officers and two others were seriously injured after a two-car accident at the corner of Bayview Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive, according to a news report in The Jersey Journal. The two police officers in the cruiser suffered head injuries. There is not much information about whose fault the auto accident in New Jersey was or what type of injuries the people in the other vehicle suffered.

Anytime a car accident involves a government employee or someone who is on-the-job, matters can get complicated. If you have been seriously injured because of someone who is acting as an employee at the time of the crash, you could file a personal injury claim not only against the person who caused the accident, but also their employer. If the employer happens to be a public entity or a governmental agency, please remember that there are strict statutes of limitations and you will need to file your claim within 90 days (or three months) of the accident or injury.

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