Greyhound Bus Collides with Tractor Trailer on New Jersey Turnpike

Citizens across the United States put their lives in the hands of bus drivers on a daily basis. Transit companies have the responsibility of properly training drivers to operate their large vehicles efficiently and safely so that passengers and other drivers on the road can travel without harm befalling them. This degree of trust, however, becomes shaken from time to time, as a recent Greyhound bus collision on the New Jersey turnpike demonstrates.

According to an article, the Greyhound bus was carrying five passengers at the time it collided with a tractor-trailer. The bus driver and all passengers were injured, but the condition of the truck driver was not provided. The degree of the bus driver’s injuries is not known at this time; however, she was flown to a hospital after having been trapped inside the bus. It was reported that the passengers’ injuries were not serious.

Although it has not yet been determined what exactly caused the Greyhound bus to crash into the tractor-trailer along the New Jersey Turnpike, contributing factors may have been driver inattention or distraction, dangerous road conditions, or even a defective auto part. Investigators may also examine whether or not cell phone use caused the bus accident. A victim of a bus accident may be able to seek compensation from those responsible for the incident to help pay for costs associated with any injuries sustained. However, in order for a bus accident victim to be successful, the services of an experienced personal injury attorney are usually required.

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