Loss of Control: Tinton Falls Motorcycle Accident Kills Man

It seems to be the cause of far too many auto accidents, especially those that involve motorcycles: loss of control. Whether a motorcyclist comes across an obstruction in the road, poor road conditions, or experiences problems due to an auto part defect, losing control of a vehicle can have catastrophic affects on a motorcyclists’ life.

In the most serious of cases, losing control of a motorcycle can lead to wrongful death, as was the case in a recent collision in Tinton Falls. According to an app.com article, a 36-year-old motorcyclist died on Route 33 the morning of September 18, 2009. Although this unfortunate accident is still being investigated by officials, it has been reported that the man crashed into a cement divider due to losing control of his motorcycle.

Investigators of this motorcycle collision may want to examine whether or not evidence points to another vehicle being involved that may have contributed to the motorcyclist losing control.
When a negligent driver causes an auto accident to take place that inflicts serious injury on another person or causes a wrongful death, he or she may be held legally and even criminally responsible. Wrongful death can devastate a family and also impose many financial hardships due to losing a family member that may have been the sole wage earner.

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