PATH Train from New Jersey Crashes, 13 Injured

A PATH train from Hoboken overran its stop at the 33rd Street Station near Herald Square, and had to crash into a bumping block to help it come to a complete stop. According to a New York Times article, thirteen people on the commuter train reported only minor injuries, while seven more were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. Investigation into the details of the crash is underway, but the article did not mention any leads that investigating authorities may have.

As commuters, we place a great deal of trust onto city officials and PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) authorities. While it is understandable that accidents do happen, the reasoning for said accidents occurring is of the utmost of concern. If negligent behavior on the behalf of a transit driver results in an accident, then the public transit authority can be held liable for damages associated with injuries sustained by passengers.

In the above mentioned case, it has yet to be determined what caused the accident, how fast the train was traveling, or even the physical and mental state of the train operator at the time of the crash. While authorities proceed with their own investigation, it is in the best interest of accident victims to retain the services of an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney that will further examine the circumstances surrounding the accident to help determine whether or not negligent action played a determining factor in the mishap.

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