Perforated Guard Rail to Blame for Death of New Jersey Man

A safety measure that should have helped preserve life instead took the life of a New Jersey man. Three years ago, a 34-year-old man was killed when the car he was riding in crashed into a guard rail while traveling southbound on the New Jersey Turnpike near Route 80 in Ridgefield. According to an NBC news article, the 34-year-old was not killed by the impact of the crash, but by a perforated guard rail that punctured the passenger side of the car and then struck the man.

Reportedly, the attorneys representing the deceased man’s family argued that the guard rails were installed both too close to the road and atop too high of a curb. If not for the improper installation, it was argued, the tragedy may have been avoided. Unfortunately, according to the report, even though the conditions in which the guard rails were installed were brought to the attention of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, the supposed problems have not been corrected. A spokesperson from the Turnpike Authority failed to comment on the accident citing pending litigation.

Accidents that result when local municipalities, and other groups in charge of road maintenance and upkeep, fail to properly perform their services are not the fault of motorists. In the above mentioned case, a dangerous road condition played a detrimental role in the loss of human life. While there is no way of knowing whether or not an alternative installation or modification of the guard rail would have made a difference, such a safety issue is certainly worth looking into if it means that potential lives may be saved as a result.

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