Traffic Increase of Freight Trucks Expected in Morris County

The anticipated increase in the number of freight trucks, tractor trailers and big rigs traveling through Morris County is estimated to rise to as much as 90,000 within twenty years (quite a large jump from the current approximate 20,000 to 30,000 trucks). According to an article, this shift in truck flow can be attributed to the expansion of the Panama Canal, which will accept much larger vessels and an expectedly huge increase in materials being shipped. Most of these ships transporting goods will come to ports in New Jersey and New York, which is good for business but brings the safety of Morris County’s freight hauling infrastructure to question.

In a large series of efforts being put together well ahead of time, Morris County transit officials have initiated a study of local road and rail systems to ensure that the freight hauling roadways will be ready for as much as triple the amount of powerfully large trucks. As it is, Routes 80 and 287 see a great deal of tractor trailers already, so the presence of more will require motorists to heighten their awareness as well. According to the report, Routes 23, 206, 10 and 46 are also not strangers to the tons of big rigs attempting to find shortcuts through New Jersey to transport freight from Port Newark.

A contract was approved amounting to $239,000 for a traffic consultant and the study is being funded by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority. The assistant county transportation director said that the following will be done in accordance with these efforts:

  • Economic impact analysis to include regions in Morris County that are most suitable for freight-related industry
  • Collection of transportation data
  • Short-term and long-term suggestions for highway and rail improvements

As experienced New Jersey truck accident attorneys, we have seen firsthand just how devastating the aftermath of a truck collision can be for an injured victim or surviving family members of a wrongful death victim. Considering that more trucks are expected to travel along New Jersey’s roadways, we hope that the study determines all the necessary preparations that need to be implemented to ensure adequate highway and rail conditions.

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