2 Middletown Township Public Works Trucks Involved in Accident

Anyone who is trained to operate a public works truck, or even a normal passenger car, knows that there are several potential risks when a collision occurs. Due to the unpredictable nature of items on the road or a driver’s reaction to an accident ahead, multiple vehicles may be involved in a crash. A bayshorenews.com report addresses a recent accident in New Jersey that involved three vehicles, two of which were public works trucks.

It was reported that when one of the trucks made a right turn at an intersection, it clipped a telephone pole. As a consequence, the telephone pole fell down, caused wires to drop onto both the second Public Works truck and a third vehicle which was not identified in the report. All of the drivers were stuck in their vehicles until JCP&L workers arrived at the scene and cut the power on the telephone pole. Fortunately, none of the drivers or any pedestrians nearby were injured, but occupants in the vehicles were taken to a local medical center as a precautionary measure. At the time of the article’s release, the accident was said to be under investigation.

As this particular accident demonstrates, the actual impact of vehicles colliding is not the only potential danger in a crash. If telephone poles, sharp objects, or any other item that is otherwise non-threatening is struck by a large vehicle or passenger car, individuals involved may be seriously injured.

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Source article: http://www.bayshorenews.com/publication/show/1249