New Jersey Resident Killed On the Job in Alaska

A 59-year-old New Jersey resident was recently killed in an accident at Prudhoe Bay’s North Gas Injection Pad in Alaska on November 18, 2009. According to the Anchorage Daily News, the North Slope worker was a BP contractor who worked for MISTRAS Group Inc., a Princeton Junction, N.J.-based outfit in charge of evaluating the structural integrity of energy and industrial infrastructure.

A BP spokesman said that when the fatal accident took place, the man was working on a pipeline inspection crew, marking locations to be examined in a future routine inspection down an elevated line on the gas injection pad. Even though at least one other worker was on the gas injection pad, the BP contractor was by himself at the time of the incident. It appears that the 59-year old worker’s pickup truck rolled up against him and the pipeline, pinning him despite there being no reason as to why or how the truck ended up in such a position. After the other worker along the injection pad found him, he called for help and a medical response team responded to the scene shortly thereafter, declaring the worker dead. The extent of his injuries was not discussed.

The article also mentions that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will be conducting its own investigation in addition to the Alaska Department of Labor’s internal investigation with New Jersey’s MISTRAS.

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