Two Workers Injured in Power Plant High Pressure Accident

An electrical power plant in Marion, Texas owned by P.S.E.G., a New Jersey-based company, was the site of a high pressure accident which injured two workers on November 19, 2009. According to a article, this isn’t the first time a P.S.E.G. plant has been the site of an accident reflecting possible safety violations. Apparently in 2005, an employee died after falling from a bucket truck, and recently this summer, P.S.E.G. received a fine of over $7,000 for violating polices related to first aid, medical services, and failing to make available adequate eye and face protection for workers.

As far as the recent incident in Marion, a spokesperson for P.S.E.G. said that while crews were doing maintenance on a generator as a pressure test was being conducted, a small door (manway) blew off after compressed air inside was released. After the door was forcefully projected, it struck the two contract workers employed by Sulzer Ltd. The article mentioned that one of the workers was hit in his chest and the other man endured facial lacerations. Both men were reported to be conscious, able to move their limbs, and were taken to local hospitals. There is no doubt that an investigation will be conducted in order to determine the exact cause of this high pressure accident and who should be held accountable.

Considering the wide variety of chemicals, materials, and machinery within an electrical power plant, employers are responsible for making sure that all employees, managers, contractors, etc. are properly trained and highly familiar with safety procedures. If a worker suffers injury due to the failure of these duties to be upheld, then an injured worker may qualify to receive recompense beyond workers compensation, which is often inadequate to fully cover the expenses associated with a serious injury.

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