1 Rescued, 2 Missing after Fishing Boat Sinks off New Jersey’s Coast

Fishing boat workers put a great deal at risk when taking to the open sea to do their job. According to a news.yahoo.com report, only twenty-five miles east of Barnegat Light, New Jersey, a 38-foot Alisha Marie fishing boat sank after being struck by a large wave which “caused it [the ship] to roll.” One surviving crew member from New Jersey has been found but two men from Virginia are still missing.

The rescued man was discovered in a conscious state in a life raft soon after the distress signal was sent. Crews will continue searching for the two missing men “until it’s determined there is no chance for survival.” This determination is based on officials’ account of water temperature, weather, and the health of the missing crew members. According to the article, when the boat sank, waves were 6 feet, winds were approximately 30 mph, and the water was about 40 degrees.

Something more must be done to help prevent boating accidents along New Jersey’s coast that involve New Jersey commercial fishing industry workers. Although one death at sea in a year’s span is one too many, nine deaths in 2009 for commercial fishermen operating out of Cape May is devastating.

Boating accidents can take place for a variety of reasons. In some incidents, the weather is solely to blame; however, the failure of employers to notify employees at sea of new risks or the failure of equipment to detect weather conditions may be to blame. If a vessel happens to strike another boat, the driver or owner of that boat may be held responsible.

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Source article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091224/ap_on_re_us/us_fishing_boat_rescue