Snowstorms and Accidents in the State of New Jersey

As the State of New Jersey sits and braces for a major snowstorm, we look to both the joy and beauty of a snowstorm, but also the dangers that are inherent with this inclement weather.

Almost every one of us remembers the fun associated with a snow storm as a child. Perhaps school would be cancelled, we went sledding, built snowmen, had snowball fights, etc. Now, as an adult, we may enjoy the beauty that a significant amount of snow can bring, but we also must be extremely cautious to try to avoid the accidents that are so prevalent with this slippery substance.

Automobile accidents that occur as a result of snow are very common. Remember, in the State of New Jersey, you are obligated to operate your motor vehicle in a fashion that is safe given the conditions that are presented. What this means is that when it is snowing, you may have to drive below the speed limit, or you may have to give more room to the vehicle in front of you. Many rear end accidents occur because a driver stops and the driver behind him or her tries to stop but slides into the rear of the stopped vehicle. The driver of the vehicle that slid will often say that they are not at fault because they could not avoid sliding. Again, remember that you must drive in a fashion that is safe for the conditions presented. The driver that slid and rear ended the car in front will likely be cited for careless driving and will likely be responsible for damages that occurred to the occupants of the vehicle that was struck. Snowy roads demand an extra degree of caution by those traversing the roadways.

Slip and falls as a result of snow covered walks and parking lots are also very common with major snowfalls in the State of New Jersey. Absent a contract to the contrary with a third party, property owners have the legal obligation in the State of New Jersey to keep their walkways and sidewalks clear of snow and ice so that they are safe for pedestrians. What this means is that if you have a sidewalk in front of your house or business establishment, you must make sure that it is shoveled, sanded and/or salted. Otherwise you can be held legally responsible for an injury that occurs as a result of an unsafe condition leading to a slip and fall. If you slip and fall in the parking lot of a business or housing development, the owner of the property may be held responsible for the damages that you sustained.

If you are njured as a result of an auto accident or slip and fall in the State of New Jersey, call the attorneys at Lependorf and Silverstein immediately. We have been serving injury victims in the State of New Jersey for nearly twenty years and we know what immediate steps must be taken. Do not delay – call one of our attorneys today so that we can ensure that your case is handled in a professional fashion.