New Jersey Woman Settles with NJ Transit for $1.2 Million

A 19-year-old Belmar woman has settled a lawsuit with NJ transit for $1.2 million for injuries she suffered when she was struck by a passenger train. According to an article, witnesses were prepared to testify that the crossing gate was not working.

Subsequent to this incident, NJ transit made safety upgrades at 33 different stations in order to steer passengers away from dangerous sections of track. Covering a service area of 5,325 square miles, NJ Transit is the nation’s largest statewide public transit system and third largest provider of bus, rail and light rail transit. NJ Transit links major points in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia.

U.S. statistical data demonstrates that every two hours a railroad accident occurs in which a vehicle or pedestrian is struck by a train. According to The Federal Administration Office of Safety Analysis, in 2007 there were 13,067 railroad related accidents, resulting in 851 deaths and 8,801 non-fatal injuries. Rail accidents can be caused by a multitude of different factors, including signal defects, equipment malfunctions, track defects, improper warnings and human errors. Personal injuries suffered by those who have been involved in train accidents tend to be severe, resulting in tremendous pain and suffering, large medical bills, and other substantial costs.

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