Burn Injuries in New Jersey

Burn injuries are often caused by traumatic experiences. These incidents may inflict severe physical pain, distress and psychological devastation upon a victim. A burn injury victim may need constant psychological counseling because of severe scarring that may occur from the injuries or follow-up skin grafts. Skin graft surgeries can also result in deadly infections if post-operative care is inadequate.

Although some burn injuries in New Jersey may be less serious than others, several instances of burn injury are the result of auto, truck or other vehicular accidents. However, burn injuries may also take place on-the-job, at home or while on the premises of a business. Burn injuries may be caused by defective products or as the result of exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Whatever the cause of a burn injury, the result is typically catastrophic, particularly leading to skin and nerve damage that can leave a person scarred – physically and emotionally – for life.

Victims of burn injuries in New Jersey have legal rights. If you, or, a loved one has sustained serious or catastrophic burn injuries as a result of someone else’s reckless, careless or deliberate behavior, you have the right to hold the negligent parties or wrongdoers responsible for the damages they have caused.

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