Gas Leak Causes New Jersey Construction Accident

New Jersey construction accidents can happen in many different ways. Some of these incidents can cause catastrophic injuries or even fatalities. Recently, we saw an example of this where construction workers in New Jersey hit a gas line, which in turn caused a fire. The incident occurred near the intersection of Georgetown Franklin Turnpike and State Road in Franklin Township. The Star Ledger reports that two dump trucks and a backhoe caught fire and nearby homes were evacuated. Thankfully, there were no injuries or deaths as a result of this incident.

There are studies that suggest one out of every 10 construction workers will be injured on-the-job every year. That’s an astounding amount of injuries. This incident with the gas line is just another example of the many ways by which a construction worker can get hurt or killed while working at a job site. Did the incident occur because of the inexperience and lack of training on the part of the crew? Was the site safe or was an accident like this bound to happen? New Jersey construction sites continue to be hazardous places to work.

On-the-job injuries in New Jersey may happen in a fraction of a second, but they can have lasting negative impacts. Medical bills, rehabilitation fees and loss of wages can add up fast for a worker or his family. A New Jersey construction accident attorney may be needed to help determine who is liable for the incident and to secure the necessary funds to protect the victim of a worksite accident.

Construction injuries may be caused by equipment malfunctions, unstable land, cave-ins, human error or even someone else’s negligence. If you are injured while working at a construction site, it is important for you to seek medical attention and to talk to a New Jersey construction accident attorney. At Lependorf & Silverstein, our skilled personal injury lawyers understand the ins and outs of construction accident litigation and workers’ compensation laws in New Jersey. Contact us today for more information and a free consultation of your case.