New Jersey Hit-and-Run Car Accident Kills Teenager

A 19-year-old man hit six teenagers with his vehicle in East Orange, killing one of the pedestrians. Police apprehended the young driver who left the scene of the accident and have charged him with six counts of aggravated assault. According to a news report in The Star-Ledger, all six teenagers were hospitalized to treat the injuries they sustained. Four of the victims were released with minor injuries while another remains in critical condition. While the details of the accident have not been released, it is believed that the driver knew the victims and may have been arguing with them before the crash.

The lives of New Jersey pedestrian accident victims who endure catastrophic injuries, such as spinal cord injury or brain injury, will never be the same. While no amount of money can truly compensate for the loss that a family experiences when a loved one is killed in an auto accident, expenses arising from a tragic accident can cause significant emotional and financial strain to victims’ loved ones.

Insurance companies often treat accident victims different from patients who are ill. Often, families who are expecting full coverage for hospital fees are left with bills larger then they can afford. If you or a loved one has been wrongfully injured in a New Jersey car accident, it is crucial that you seek representation to get compensation for your serious injuries, damages and losses.

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