New Jersey Car Accident Statistics

Every year in the state of New Jersey there are hundreds of thousands of automobile accidents. According to statistics released by the New Jersey Department of Transportation in the year 2009, there were 257,801 total reported accidents. The department reported that these accidents occurred during the approximately 72.849 billion vehicle miles travelled that year. This means that there were 3.53 accidents per every million vehicle miles travelled in the year 2009.

Of the 257,801 accidents reported within these New Jersey car accident statistics, 64,548 of those accidents resulted in some form of personal injury. This means that there were approximately .88 injuries sustained for every million vehicle miles travelled in the year 2009. On top of the over 60,000 injuries, the department recorded 533 accidents resulting in a fatality, meaning there are .73 fatalities for every 100 million vehicle miles travelled. Taking into consideration that most people drive thousands of miles yearly, it is not so far-fetched to assume that any resident of New Jersey can find themselves in a dangerous situation where an accident may occur at some point during the year.

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