New Jersey Plane Crash Kills Doctor and Two Others

A Cirrus SR22 plane piloted by a prominent New York doctor and carrying her two relatives crashed Monday, killing all three, an article in the New York Daily News reports. Investigators say that there was no “black box” aboard the aircraft and finding an official cause of the accident could take months. Witnesses say the plane came in for a landing at Essex County Airport, then pulled up and crashed in a grassy patch of land. The pilot of the small plane is reported to have been an experienced flyer with over 1,000 flight hours to her credit. Family members of the deceased pilot are baffled by the accident since she was so experienced.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety say that the devastation could have been a lot worse. Due to the long Fourth of July weekend, there weren’t nearly as many workers in the vicinity as there would have been had it been a normal work day.

Unforeseen circumstances can occur during any flight, no matter the experience of the pilot or the size of the aircraft. In some cases, defective equipment or negligence on the part of officials on the ground may contribute to an airplane accident resulting in catastrophic injury or wrongful death. Should negligence be found to have contributed to the injury or death of your family member, you may be entitled to compensation.

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