Tips for New Jersey Car Accident Prevention

With nine out of ten Americans traveling this summer to various destinations, the following will address some tips that you as a driver may employ to ensure that you safely arrive to your destination.

  1. Maintain Your Vehicle – A common cause of New Jersey car accidents caused by lack of vehicle maintenance is balding of the tires and tires being filled to the incorrect pressure. A bald tire is one with little or no tread left and will fail to properly grip anything but dry pavement, thus leading to many accidents during rainy weather. Some other common causes of accidents that could be avoided with proper maintenance relate to brake failure, broken brake lights, and worn windshield wipers.
  2. Stay Alert – Several car accidents in New Jersey occur due to driver error. These errors take place both due to improper vehicle maintenance by the driver as well as actual human errors made by the driver of the vehicle.
  3. Limit Distractions – The number one rule for all of us to follow is to stay focused on the road while driving. Too many accidents are caused because someone is on their cell phone, occupied with the radio, or searching for something in their vehicle that they do not even really need while driving.
  4. Don’t Rely On Other Drivers – The second rule to follow is to never place other drivers into situations where they have to make allowances for your vehicle, because sometimes they will not. For example, if you cut someone off, they have to use their brakes to make space for you to move into the lane, and sometimes they do not allow you this room, leaving both of you at risk.
  5. Wear Your Seat Belt! – No matter how short of a distance you may be driving, always wear a seat belt. Far too many fatal accidents occur because the driver or vehicle occupants were not wearing a seat belt. A seat belt’s performance may be hindered by reclining a seat, so be sure that you and your passengers sit in an upright position while traveling.

By following these simple safety tips, you can dramatically decrease the chances that you will be involved in an automobile accident.

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