Kyleigh’s Law Getting Mixed Reviews from New Jersey Legislature

The new law requiring teen drivers in New Jersey to display a red decal on their licenses has been the center of controversy among legislators, according to an article on The law is named after a 16-year old girl who was tragically killed in a New Jersey auto accident in 2006 when she was a passenger and the driver of the vehicle had a provisional license.

Some legislators say that the new law targets teen drivers, making them easily identifiable to sex offenders, aggressive drivers, and police who may suspect them of reckless behavior simply because they are young. However, others say that the law protects teens by limiting how many passengers they can have at certain times of the day and setting a curfew restricting them from driving between 11pm and 5am, which is intended to help prevent car accidents in New Jersey.

Parents of some teen drivers don’t want the decals on the vehicles and say that there have already been incidents of teens being followed around, leaving the young drivers terrified. Kyleigh’s Law will undergo a six month review by the Attorney General to determine if the safety risks outweigh the benefits for young drivers.

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