New NJ Pedestrian Law Created to Help Prevent Accidents

A new law in New Jersey has been enacted requiring motorists to stop for all pedestrians at marked crosswalks instead of simply yielding, as was the case with the old law. But, according to an article on, some motorists still aren’t obeying the new law.

A man was recently hit by a motorist as he crossed the street at the Highland Cross intersection on his way to a bus stop. The man suffered injuries to his knee that may require surgery. The driver of the vehicle who hit the man said that the man was not in the crosswalk. However, the injured man states that he was. Because police did not see the accident occur, it’s one man’s word against the other’s and no summonses have been issued.

The New Jersey law was initiated to protect the safety of pedestrians and prevent pedestrian related accidents. Motorists who do not follow the law are subject to penalties such as 2 points on their driver’s license, community service and a $200 fine. However, it is not solely the responsibility of motorists to look out for pedestrians. It is also the responsibility of pedestrians to obey traffic laws such as crossing the street at crosswalks only and paying attention to pedestrian signals. Failing to do so may result in a $54 fine.

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