New Jersey Workers’ Compensation

New Jersey worker’s compensation benefits are provided by employers in the event that a worker is injured on the job. Employers purchase workers’ compensation insurance which helps pay for an injured worker’s medical expenses, lost wages and disability. The benefits are provided to workers on a “no fault” basis which means that the worker does not have to prove that the employer or another employee contributed to their injury. In most cases, even if the worker was responsible for his or her own on-the-job accident, they may still be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits.

There are a few types of workers compensation benefits:

  • Temporary Total Disability Benefits
  • Permanent Partial Disability Benefits
  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits
  • Death Benefits
  • Medical Benefits

Employees can receive benefits at 70% of their normal wage and the severity of the injury will determine whether the workers’ compensation earnings will be temporary or permanent. If the employee’s on the job accident resulted in death, the family of the deceased will be able to receive payments.

While the New Jersey workers’ compensation program does help injured workers and their families to an extent, there are cases where the allotted benefits are not enough. In other cases, a worker who files a claim with their employer may face retaliation or a denial of their claim. When these types of situations occur, employees may want to contact an experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney.

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