Fatal Crash on New Jersey Turnpike Involved 8 Vehicles

One driver was killed and others were injured in an eight-vehicle car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike. According to a news report inThe Star-Ledger, the fatal New Jersey car accident occurred south of interchange 13A in Elizabeth. The car crash involved a dump truck, two tractor-trailers, a box truck, a pickup truck and three other passenger vehicles. The driver of the pickup truck was killed in the fatal New Jersey car crash and several other drivers were injured. An investigation is underway to determine the cause of this fatal New Jersey car collision.

Multiple car collisions create unique difficulties for victims and their families. Following a typical New Jersey car accident, injured victims may contact the insurance companies involved to sort out who is liable for the crash. After a multi-car collision, it is common for insurance companies to pass the blame or offer an inadequate settlement to the victims. It is in the best interest of injured victims or the family of the deceased New Jersey car crash victim to speak with an experienced New Jersey car accident attorney before accepting a settlement from an insurance company or even talking to one.

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