Common Types of Dangerous Roadway Conditions in New Jersey

It is the responsibility of all motorists to be attentive and cautious at all times. Human error is not, however, the cause of all New Jersey car accidents. Poorly designed and maintained roadways have been known to lead to serious injury crashes. In such cases, the governmental agency in charge of maintaining the roadway may be held liable for the accident.

New Jersey has a number of roadways that have a history of serious accidents. A 2010 study released by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign listed Route 30 in Atlantic County, Route 130 in Burlington County, and US 1 of Middlesex as the three most dangerous roadways for pedestrians. According to CBS News, Interstate 76 in New Jersey is the second most dangerous roadway in the United States for motorists.

There are many dangerous road conditions that can lead to a car crash in New Jersey. For example, some roadways have a dangerous design that makes it inherently hazardous for drivers. Steep curves and sudden dips are common examples of poor roadway design. Other hazardous roadways have inadequate paving and potholes. When the road surface is uneven or poorly maintained, drivers are more at risk of losing control of their vehicles.

Smaller vehicles such as bicycles and motorcycles are particularly more vulnerable to potholes and uneven pavement. Roads that do not have guard rails or shoulders may also lead to serious accidents that could have otherwise been prevented. Some roads have inadequate signage and limited visibility.

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