New Jersey Major Storm Hits, May Increase Risk of Slip and Fall Accidents

Unless you’ve already left the state of New Jersey for warmer climate, there is no denying it or avoiding it – winter is here. The Jersey Journal is one of many news outlets spreading the word of New Jersey’s declaration of being in a state of emergency due to the effects of the blizzard.

Although you may not dare to leave your home or hotel during New Jersey’s major snow storm, especially since authorities are cautioning the public to only travel if they absolutely have to, it is important to be aware of certain slip and fall risks. While businesses and other public facilities are required to post signage or other warnings regarding certain slip or fall dangers, some may neglect to do so, thus leading to a customer or passerby seriously injuring themselves.

No matter how long you’ve lived in New Jersey or how well you’ve fared slippery sidewalks or icy steps, you cannot always rely on the owner of another piece of property to clearly warn of potential slip and fall hazards. You also cannot trust that a property or business owner will properly clear snow or ice from the areas outside their premises, in an alley, or parking lot. A person who slips on ice outside of a business or falls due to the failure of a property owner to maintain its premises amidst harsh weather conditions may be susceptible to suffering broken bones, torn ligaments, lacerations, head trauma, spinal cord injury, and other calamities.

As Princeton slip and fall injury lawyers, we encourage all residents and visitors of New Jersey to use extra caution if you have to visit the grocery store or go to another person’s home. If you or someone you care about has been injured in a slip and fall accident and believe that the accident occurred due to a property owner’s failure to ensure that the public sidewalks next to their entryways were reasonably safe, you may be able to obtain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. Contact our New Jersey premises liability attorneys for more information about your legal rights. Call 1-609-240-0040 for a free consultation today.